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Can I register multiple domain names at once?
Yes, you can register multiple domain names and multiple suffixes at once.

How long will my domain name registration take?
Registration is instantaneous. As soon as the registration is accepted the domain name will be live.

What does it cost to register domain names?
Domain name registration incurs a yearly registration fee. Pricing and the minimum number of years you can register vary. For a full list of domain name prices please see our pricing page.

Can I register for multiple years?
Yes, you can register for multiple years at once. There is a maximum of 10 years registration.

How can I pay for my domain names?
When registering or renewing a domain name you can pay by credit card, bank deposit, or cheque.

Will I receive a tax invoice?
Yes, upon registering or renewing a domain name an invoice will be generated which will appear in the Invoices section of your Domain management console. Invoices are not posted. You will need to print out each invoice.

What if I make a spelling mistake when registering a domain name?
If you make a mistake with a .nz domain name you can contact us within 5 days to cancel the name at no charge. All other extensions such as .com will be subject to standard charging. Be careful!

How do I transfer a domain name to Domains4Less?
To transfer a .nz domain name you will need your UDAI, which you can obtain from your current host. A UDAI is your access code to manage your Domain. You can then go to our Transfer Domain page and enter the Domain and UDAI to transfer.

For all other names you will need to login/register. When you apply to transfer a domain name you will receive an email notification from the current host asking you to authorise or decline the transfer.

How do I transfer a domain name to another host?
For .nz names you will need to generate the UDAI from your domain name management console and use it at your next host to transfer the name to them. For all other names ask the new host what their procedure is to transfer the name to them.

What is a UDAI?
A UDAI is an acronym for Unique Domain Authorisation ID and is your access code for managing your .nz Domain.

How do I cancel a domain name?
You can either let the domain name expire, or contact us to cancel the Domain.

How do I change the ownership of a domain name?
Please download a Change of Registrant form, complete it, and post or fax for processing.

How will I know my domain name is due for renewal?
The billing contact will receive email notification from Domains4Less 60 days prior to your domain name becoming due for renewal. Email notifications are then sent 30 days, and 15 days before expiration. If the domain name is still not renewed an email will be sent to the registrant contact associated with the domain name two days before expiration.

What happens if I don't renew my domain name?
For .nz Domain names your domain name will be placed on hold for 90 days. During this time you will not be able to use the domain name, but you will be able to renew it. Once the 90 day period is over the name will be made available again for public registration.

What other services will I get with my domain name?
We offer free redirects, and free email forwarding for all your Domains. In addition to this you can order email accounts and web hosting.

Can I host a domain name with Domains4Less but point it to another server?
Yes, our advanced DNS management allows you to point your domain names to another host's nameservers.

Do you allow international customers to register domain names?
Due to high levels of fraud, if you are located outside of New Zealand we do not allow the registration of gTLD domain names.

.NZ domain name registration is allowed however may require manual verification of payment details within 5 days of the transaction.

How do I create an account and transfer domains?
To create a new account and to start transfers, visit our Transfer page and Register a New User to get started.

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